A Trip to Old Florida With Andrea

I recently took a trip to Deland, and visited Old Florida. My first stop was at Blue Heron River Tours.  This boat tours the St. Johns River and its tributaries.  Birds abound on the river beds and in the grasses of the shore.  We viewed at least 30 Great Blue Herons and Josh, our guide, showed us Limkins. This bird is on the endangered species list and over 50 live on this river.

From the boat trip, I drove to the amazing Stetson House. This house was purchased and renovated by two men from the Long Island/Jersey area. While I don’t visit places twice I broke my cardinal rule and revisited after seeing the home in December with its Christmas splendor.  It was equally gorgeous in July and Sue our guide made the Stetson family history come alive.

On the way home Andrea, my trusty Garmin GPS began to act up. With her stern, authoritarian voice she continued to espouse directions to I-95 and I would have no part of it.  We began to war and quite frankly she became a bitch. I pleaded with her by madly pressing her buttons for re-route however I was unable. She was sending us home I-95 or nothing.

As we continued our battle exchanging cross words a light bulb came on in my head.  I have a map.  While I let her know she continued to espouse her I-95 directions and to her chagrin I turned her off.  Paper reigned as I located route 11 and gleefully made my way back to St. Augustine the old- fashioned way.  Take that, Andrea!

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