Dressing for the Library Interview

Since the library staff have been so helpful to me when Carol, a staffer, asked me to join the volunteers I decided I should. Carol has gotten me through Android Angst 101, Alice gives computer tips, Bill gave me the nuts and bolts on buying a computer and Sharon told me of Belfast. The list could go on and on with staffer’s names and probably will as I continue to torture them.

I have not succeeded at many Florida volunteer groups and did not want this to happen here. If I mess this one up I would lose one of my daily senior events. So, I went to Tad, the library manager and he gave me the low down on the job. As fellow staffers saw me talking to him in his office, I waved, smiling and telling them yes, I’ve been called into the principal’s office.

The job sounded interesting and I might even become a member of the Board as they needed someone. I had all the credentials necessary and he didn’t even ask for a resume! I paid my $15 fee and submitted the application.

I later scoped out the library sale and had a delightful conversation with a woman who I found to be a Tad’s mom. She was from New Jersey and we fit. My next step will be the library interview with a fellow staffer. I have decided on the knee length navy blue dress with blue pumps. I’ll also wear pearls.

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