I have discovered oils.  The massage and aroma was phenomenal but the two-day headache was crippling. Once the headache began I promptly contacted my massage therapist and was rewarded with a text basically telling me to drink more.

Since I honor anyone who has the nerve to acknowledge something and their response in print I did as told and drank another four glasses.  I also believed she was correct and I was loaded with toxins.  Aren’t we all?

I have always been grateful for water.  It may sound silly but I think we all should be and if you aren’t live without it and you certainly will be. We are so blessed in America.

Upon completion of drinking a vast amount of water akin to the amount in a bath tub the headache subsided.  While still drained from the headache I did feel lighter and a bit less depressed.  After that I began to type these little messages to free my remaining toxins. It’s working don’t you think? Well, I do!

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