First Day – New Job

I’m on my first day of another volunteer opportunity. Since I’ve blown so many of these I dressed for the event. Red dress, red loafers, no pearls needed, that is interview dress. I’ve gotten this job.

The manager of the library book shop is friendly and I’ve met her before. We review my tasks and she has written a good job description so I know what to do. A customer arrives and wants to exchange his books for those in the shop. Since I don’t know the answer I refer him to the library manager.

Another customer arrives and we chat. She is looking for a book for a friend with cancer who is refusing treatment. While she wants to give him the diet book for cancer patients we decide on a humorous book instead. Good choice and I’ve made a sale. Maybe we have productivity standards here. I got fired from my last volunteer opportunity for low scores and it really hurt.

The manager calls and I remember how to answer a phone. It’s been awhile. We discuss the question and I gave the right answer. YIPEE! Another patron appears and donates brand new cloth bags for customers. Then I have another sale. Gosh, I’ve been so busy I better close as the manager recommended I read The Book Shop Volunteer Log. I need to make an entry about the new cloth bags.

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