Lessons from Motherhood: Napkins and Tissues

Ladies rooms are notorious for long lines. Men have it made when it comes to this. I recall when Mayor Bloomberg passed an ordinance increasing the number of ladies’ toilets in new buildings in the City. Thanks, Mike. Hope you are well.

I’m encountering this problem again. I ask the 10 ladies ahead of me about the open stall and they say no paper. It’s at these times I am thankful for the valuable lessons of motherhood – always carry tissue and napkins. I use the stall and quickly exit knowing if looks could kill I would be dead now.

This rule extends to the car glove compartment however once I forgot to re-stock and unfortunately my daughter had spilled something on her. Upon noting the compartment empty, she moaned, “Where are the napkins?” I jauntily replied, “You are 30 now.”

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