Green Carpet Blue Office

I now own a green carpet in my blue office. It arrived through an on-line purchase. This was my initial order however the company sent me something else and being unaware of their error I bought another. I went to the re-order screen clicked and awaited my arrival. However, the second arrival was different from the first.

When I called customer service I was unable to return this new member of my carpet family because it was sold out. I had two carpets that did not match. The customer service gal suggested I find another room to put it in so it is now in my blue office. I think of it as grass.

In order to locate the matching carpet I checked 32 screens with 68 selections per screen. While the needed size was no longer available I decided I could live with a smaller version and since there were only 3 left the price was right. As I investigated further I realized the first carpet I received was double the size and $199. I paid $79. so, the other 2 are almost free. I can get used to the grass.

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