Guys vs. Gals

I am on a tour and the guide is calling all of us guys. I hate being called a guy. After 45 years of the monthly saga, a horrific childbirth of 23 hours, and years of hot flashes I want to be honored as a woman and called a gal. For me it’s a matter of respect. We birthed you.

While I understand this will probably never happen I am seeking a gender-neutral term. So here it goes:

Ginys-sounds funny, Guyas-too guyish, Gays-not neutral , Geys-not neutral,

Guyo-another too guyish , Goya – too much like the Mexican food company,

Goys – too close to boys, Giyo-perhaps a new car name, Giya-too gutteral,

Grays-getting closer, Gruys-sounds derogatory, Grims- too close to fairy tales,

Ghous- ghost like, Glies- jokeish, Glus -glue like, Glose- too much like close.

I guess I’ve exhausted the “G’s.” Maybe we should just use folks or everyone. Let me know your thoughts. We are a democracy, maybe we can vote on it and I have no Electoral College in my rules.

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