I Exercise Every Thursday

I lied.  I exercise every day but on Thursday I do Classical Stretch (Essentrics), yoga and belly-dancing.  It gets the juices going, brings up the serotonin levels and I love it.

The researchers and I are in sync believing that exercise is key to mental health.  As I write this I can hear the moaning, (that is if anyone reads this).  But, exercise is fun and if it’s not fun try something else.

Remember the Presidential Council on Fitness as a kid?  I excelled in sit ups and to this day I  have a flat tummy and am proud of my flat tummy.  I think we all need to be proud of ourselves but for me it’s not about competition, it’s internal.

We need to reward ourselves and say good job to our bodies. Forty years ago it used to be a hot fudge sundae after exercise, but that has changed.  While I admit to an occasional visit to McDonald’s for their 250-calorie variety, it has become more.  Now, the reward has become a pat on the back, an appreciation of nature and thanking the universe that the body can still keep functioning and pain free.

Got to go, I’m off to belly dancing.




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