New Neighbors and Barking Dogs

For months I waited for my new neighbor to arrive in the condo next door.  Since it was vacant I envisioned a lovely older couple with a wife I could befriend and a husband who could give me computer advice.  I maintained their garden and removed all the stuff the former renters had left there.

As I waited for my new neighbor my upstairs neighbor became unhappy with me.  Bella, who I tried to befriend would bark whenever her master was out.  I learned she was the terror of the neighborhood.  Bella barked whenever I entered my garden so prior to entry I began to check the parking lot for her master’s car in the hopes she could quiet her.

During these episodes I began to get a faint ringing in my ears, but ignored it. Then when my new neighbor Chip arrived the ringing went on full blast as he began a 4-day concert of high pitched barking. From this I now have ear ringing on frequent to infrequent intervals. My ENT has given me “tips” to handle it however it is the lifetime companion I have never wanted.

I avoid these dogs and the neighbors associated with them at all costs. Yesterday the Mormons arrived and I was quite rude to them. I knew why as when they began to knock on my neighbor’s door my lifetime companion was activated once again.

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