My Favorite Canadian is Miranda Esmonde- White

My favorite Canadian is Miranda Esmonde White.  She is an exercise guru who espouses stretch for the body and it works.  Every morning I wake to this 60 something former Canadian National Ballet Company ballerina in a blonde piggy tail and we work out together for 22 minutes.  Her exercises have brought me back from the tomb and for this I am grateful.

Today I did Pain Prevention, number 926.  She is in Cozumel, Mexico and while I wasn’t there for this particular episode I was there with her this past December.  I met Amanda and found her to be a delight. She made her way around the room of 300 and even stopped to align me for 90 seconds trying to get me to relax.  I wanted to tell her this was impossible but knew she’d give it the college try so I let her.

As I begin my workout we are doing floor exercises. This is my least favorite place to exercise from however my knee has been talking to me this morning so perhaps its best I don’t stand. Frozen Shoulder no. 930 is my favorite.  That may be my favorite because of the scenery or rather because she says you burn more calories.  I believe it’s the latter.

Sitting up straight I bend my knee and wrap my hand around it then extend my knee to the floor for a wide stretch.  We stay in this position for a period of time and as we do I wonder if this would be good for improving sex.  I now hear all men reading this pausing as they are finding the Classical Stretch website and ordering her series for their girlfriend.

Back to Amanda, we have stretched, rowed the boat, and now are coming to a close with a lovely neck stretch.  She bids adieu with I hope you had a good stretch and I’ll see you tomorrow and that she will.

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