Competition at the Library

I live at the library and I believe this is true for most seniors.  Going to the library is a social event and a place where you can get a friendly hello from the staff.   It’s almost like Cheers without the alcohol.

Within the last year the library received a new Director.  I know this as I read all her emails.   She is quite insightful and I was proud of my library especially when I learned through her emails how much they did for folks during Hurricane Matthew.

As I scanned the library class board I noticed there was a new event the Director had developed.  It was a competition to see which library had the most attendance.  The library could get credit if there was participation in a library program, if a program evaluation was turned in, if you volunteered at the library, or if you introduced yourself to a library staff member.  There would be a grand prize drawing and while there was no limit on submissions only one form per activity was allowed.

After reading this I was curious how serious this event was being taken.  In my years in management I realized there is often a disconnect between the worker bees and those in charge.  However, my local library staff was taking this quite seriously and I now know the last names of all staffers, have joined the volunteer group and my calendar is filled with dates for program events.  I’ll keep you posted on who wins.



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