Dr. Melvin

As I opened my refrigerator I noted a thick layer of black water on the top shelf.  Aghast I ran to the sink picked up my sponge and began to soak up this massive mess which had now leaked to the bottom of the refrigerator.

Unable to understand what had happened I recalled I owned a home warranty insurance policy. Surely, this would be covered. My angel realtors, Sandy and Edie, had obtained this for me and the seller paid.

While cleaning I found the perpetrator.  The day prior as I attempted to open the can it fell to the floor.  I found it had a flip top and gleefully I opened it, however, I must have put a dent in the other end of the can with the can opener. This was the cause of the massive mess I was now cleaning.

Three years ago a similar dilemma occurred which I had to clean up.  I spent two days in bed with hand agony after the episode and want to credit the man who gave me back my hands and my life.

Dr. Melvin

Thank you.

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