I recently purchased a trip to Africa on Groupon. I lied. I bought three and in doing this met so many wonderful people that I bought Groupon stock. At $3.94, it’s a bargain and bound to go up.

My first Groupon purchase was for a Miami parking venue. Since I had never been to Miami I was unaware of my need to bring a Spanish dictionary or better yet a translator. While Andrea  (my GPS) insisted I had arrived at my final destination I viewed nothing but a grove of trees. I madly inquired of everyone I saw but few spoke English.

The horror story increased as the time for boat departure decreased. I started my search at 12 and over 2 hours had past. I was fearful the boat would leave at 4 without me. Each time I called the parking lot venue I received a phone message. I left my number but received no call back. In my final call, I received the owner who guided me down each street till I found the lot.

As I entered the lot I realized the problem, a massive tree had blocked their sign. Andrea was correct in her directions but placed us in the wooded lot next door. Since the transportation from lot to boat was not included the manager got me an Uber, translated to the driver and I made the boat.

Upon my return from the cruise I chuckled as a tree surgeon was cutting down the offending limb which had blocked the sign. And the best part was Groupon gave me my money back in credit which I turned into the end tables I was yearning for.

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