Knee Talk

My knee has been talking to me the past few days.  Besides the pain, it is saying time to lose those last 15 pounds.  My millennium female sport doc was right when after reading all the reports said in her unempathetic tone, “You got to lose the weight.”  While empathy was lacking, she was correct.

For the next several months I worked on it and was successful in losing 20 pounds.   I ate oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, dinner was low calorie, and a handful of almonds every day.  I learned this trick from Ellie, a staffer at my first St. Augustine condo.  Almonds do something to curb your appetite – give them a handful.

Once the weight departed I no longer felt pain with each step. My entire body felt better and it’s not about beauty, it’s about health.  Buying new clothes was pure joy and to donate the others for a tax deduction even better.

Now, for those of you who continued to read even after seeing the word weight I applaud you.  See, it was painless as my knees will be once again when I lose those last 15 pounds.E

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