My Flower Garden

I have a small flower garden outside the sliding glass doors of my condo.  If anyone read my golfer story you know I fiercely protect it from those fellas as I love it.  I have even applied Feng Shui techniques to it and found my life has improved with these tweaks.

I read in my Feng Shui readings that if you place a rose bush on the path to your home prickly neighborhood situations arise.  Alas, I had found the reason why I haven’t yet assimilated in Florida society and quickly made plans to move the bush.

In doing this I went to the source, that being google, and sadly found this wasn’t the season for replanting rose bushes.  Determined to beat the odds and maintain the $29.99 bush, (yes, I blew the wad on this), I did it anyway.

Upon replanting I placed my Blessed Mother statute firmly next to it and promised her the future buds. I figured she could do a rose bush as she kept my condo secure during Hurricane Matthew.

With the daily heavy Florida rains the bush quickly hydrated.  During this time, I moved our lady indoors but she still was watching her potential flowers.  The bush is now 4 feet in height and Our Lady has been richly rewarded.  Even the neighborhood seems a little less prickly.  There is a God.


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