Dirty Hands

I joined a women’s group. It cost me $75 and when I got their magazine I knew I was in trouble. As I read the member bios I saw the names of corporate executives and high-powered lawyers. I decided to give it a try during their summer luncheons.

During the first luncheon I sat next to a teacher and retired corporate lawyer and made them laugh. Things were looking up so I decided to attend the second luncheon. The day before the second luncheon I realized I needed to do my roots. They looked awful and I wanted to put my best foot forward.

While I am medium brown in hair color I bought black as that is all Dollar Tree had to offer. I decided against wearing the gloves as I was only doing the roots, however, as I looked further at the gray I placed my hand to my head without gloves and swirled the color throughout my hair. I washed my hands but the color didn’t come off.

I became frantic as I didn’t want to go to the luncheon with my hands looking like this. I knew I wouldn’t be able to find white gloves by the next day as only Amazon stocked them and I don’t have Amazon Prime. I went to the luncheon and as I sat raised my hands to the group and fessed up. Laughter commenced and they said, “Nail polish pads.” They are more brilliant than I thought.

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