Thursday Night at the Gazebo

Every Thursday night during the summer we have music at the St. Augustine, Florida gazebo. The performances vary as does the audience. Retired musicians tend to gravitate to our City so the music is sublime. During one of these concerts an original member of Earth, Wind and Fire graced the jazz combo. His performance was stellar as was the cool breeze which graced the audience while we listened.

During intermission the breeze subsided and bugs begin to invade my eyes. I took out my fan and began to fan my face. It didn’t help. I saturated myself with bug spray but knew I couldn’t use this stuff in my eyes. I wondered while we can send people to the moon why can’t we control bugs? Next time I’ll eat garlic prior to the performance.

The breeze returns and someone else has taken care of this problem. I am thankful I can stay for the second set. Note to our City Commissioners – bring these folks back again next year!

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