Summer Sales

In my mad quest for the dictionary to include in the Church Back Pack Collection I went to Dollar General. While they didn’t have the dictionary, they had a collection of swimsuits for 70% off. When you are 61 you don’t care or believe you are “Boss” or “Flawless” as written over the chest of the suit, you just want a bargain so I bought four.

I was so happy with this purchase that I decided to check the sales in the other two Dollar Generals. We have three in our area. At the second one I was even more fortunate as the manager didn’t care if the summer apparel sizes of tops and bottoms were switched but I bought both anyway. For that price who wouldn’t. I’ll lose more weight and take in the big one with a pin.

At the third Dollar General the pricing was even better than the other two stores. However, shift change occurred and by the time I went to the cashier the new cashier had different sale price guidelines. Now, I only have two favorite Dollar General’s in my area instead of three.

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