What Will Heaven Hold!

Last month after many attempts at securing the right date, that being the third Saturday of the month from 11 till 3, I toured the Tolomato Cemetery in St. Augustine. This cemetery, the oldest in Florida, has graves of former citizens, mayors, bishops and servicemen from the 18th century till 1884.

My tour guide, the association president, was well versed in St. Augustine history and her presentation fascinating. When I gave my donation they asked if I would be interested in receiving their email or becoming a member. I eagerly said yes.

When the email arrived it noted they were doing a cemetery survey and wanted me to participate. In completing the survey young tourists assisted me in reading the inscriptions to ensure survey accuracy. Their young eyes scrutinized the ornate blessings the gravestones held for future life.

Working at this event was fascinating. My what will Heaven hold!

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