Years ago, I was stopped by a police officer for speeding. It was late at night on a back road and I had had an eye exam early in the day. The police officer insisted I was on drugs as my eyes were still dilated, or so he said. He threatened to arrest me on drug charges several times, made me walk the line, count backwards and I sat on the roof of my car as he inspected it.

Upon completing the car search he found a church on wheels filled with medals, rosaries, and religious statutes. No drugs. I always believe in protection from above and was grateful to escape with only a heavy fine and many years of increased insurance premiums.

Fast forward to a bar conversation with a former New York City police officer. He explained police officers have productivity standards for tickets and collars. Ticket are tickets and collars, well, you can imagine. Productivity standards can fall on the beginning or end of the month. It was an enlightening conversation.

Recently, an acquaintance told me her son in law was caught speeding on a Sunday night through a vacant road construction site. He is facing a felony for his actions and must obtain a lawyer to settle this affair.

Lesson learned: Always use cruise control and do whatever the officer says when you are stopped.

Question posed: What will happen with the advent of computerized cars?

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