Tourist Traffic

I am used to tourists so when I moved to St. Augustine it was no big deal. In New York City I used to wave to the tourists on buses as they passed me during my lunch hour on Broadway and 113th. Yes, that was me and you probably didn’t notice as you were gawking at the Cathedral next door.

Today, I’m traveling behind a particularly slow car which is immaculately clean and new. While we no longer have tourist license plates I know this must be a tourist. I can see them pointing at the lighthouse and the driver leaning over to get a peek. As his car swerves I gently brake and let them enjoy the view.

Though I am late for an appointment I sit back and keep the 25-mph speed knowing I could go much faster and be on time, but that’s okay. This a lesson in patience as when I’m in their town l know they’ll be polite to me. Welcome to St. Augustine.

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