I Watched Steven Colbert

I watched Steven Colbert the other night. The show is like a circus and the man must lose five pounds a show with all the energy he expends. He is funny and really makes you think. I have seen him before but not often since it is late and I don’t know how to DVR or have television you pay for so lack CBS.

He is someone I was not familiar with until five years ago. We had a psychiatric patient who came to town from the Midwest who wanted to work for him but had a “break” in the Port Authority and ended up with us. When I asked my fellow nurses who Steven was I got groans. I had no idea who this man was. I could hear them thinking the stupid white bitch from Upstate New York strikes again..

Charlie Rose was on this show and funny. It was good to see him laugh as he is always so serious. I usually send my blogs to people I write about but think I’ll keep this as secret as I don’t want the notoriety. He’d probably ask me on the show.

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