I have discovered oils. This discovery came quite by accident when I attended the wrong library class. As I sat in the far corner of the room I knew there would be no easy escape so I stayed. I chalked it up to another senior adventure.

The teacher washed each of our feet and began to apply oils to them. This was similar to Holy Thursday mass where the priest washes the parishioner’s feet so I went along. As the teacher explained how oils reset our body cells I listened. When she said the s word, that being sleep, I was sold. After years of insomnia I try anything related to the s word.

Several of us went to her nearby studio to purchase oils after class. I bought oils and signed up all she had to offer regarding sleep. I have found the stuff works and each night one hour before sleep I place lavender oil under my nose and on the soles of my feet and I sleep. Oils are now my best friend.

Isn’t it odd how being at the wrong place can often be the right place? Or were we at the wrong place?

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