Golf Course View

In a recent condo association meeting Sam, our manager, brought up some disconcerting news.  One of our renters had hired an unlicensed worker to remove branches which blocked her view. Had the unlicensed worker injured himself our condo association would be at fault with our fees going through the roof. Also, the trees didn’t even belong to us, they belonged to the golf course. All these actions were done discreetly on a weekend.

While I understand the concerns, I could see this coming.  I am privy to many complaints as I use the condo clubhouse Wi-Fi near where Sam’s office is and heard this tale many times.  At one point the owner from the downstairs condo appeared and it got a little loud.  Listening to the squabble I giggled softly to myself grateful I was not part of the fray.

Early on in my move to the condo I had gotten in trouble.  Though I had Sam’s permission I planted flowers in the back of condo rather than placing them in pots.  The fracas continued to unfurl and now  planting flowers in the back of the buildings is a given.

As the meeting continued it was decided to get legal advice and write the condo owner a firm letter informing him of his tenant’s actions.  Also, further contact had to be made with the golf course management since they owned the tree.

Today I walked by the tree but didn’t notice anything different.  I felt  happy to be in an end unit with minimal golf course view and only two neighbors with dogs who have now calmed, at least for the moment.

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