Thursday Night at the Gazebo

Every Thursday night during the summer we have music at the St. Augustine, Florida gazebo. The performances vary as does the audience. Retired musicians tend to gravitate to our City so the music is sublime. During one of these concerts an original member of Earth, Wind and Fire graced the jazz combo. His performance was stellar as was the cool breeze which graced the audience while we listened.

During intermission the breeze subsided and bugs begin to invade my eyes. I took out my fan and began to fan my face. It didn’t help. I saturated myself with bug spray but knew I couldn’t use this stuff in my eyes. I wondered while we can send people to the moon why can’t we control bugs? Next time I’ll eat garlic prior to the performance.

The breeze returns and someone else has taken care of this problem. I am thankful I can stay for the second set. Note to our City Commissioners – bring these folks back again next year!

Baked Potatoes

As I write I am cheerfully eating a baked potato, well actually a microwaved one but you’ll get the cooking directions later on. For me, baked potatoes have become a one woman show. I get all my nutrients in eating this tuber.

To make my baked potato I wash it off once it’s out of the bag and pierce it with a fork. I then wrap it in a wet paper towel and center it in the microwave. On the highest zapping strength I microwave it for 7 or 8 minutes. Upon hearing the chirp of the microwave I remove the hot potato using a oven mitt and place it on a plate.

I then remove all the toppings from the refrigerator. These toppings include shredded cheese, low fat sour cream (2 tbsp.=40 calories), jalapeno pepper slices, corn relish when I can’t find mustard pickles, fresh chives, onions, and a sprinkle of Kosher salt. At times, I have been known to modify but usually return to the basics.

What are you having for dinner tonight?


My daughter has guy pal named Tom. He has been around for over 10 years now. They even go on vacation together and nothing happens. I don’t want to say too much and forgive me Tom if unwanted fame comes from this blog. Enjoy the ride. Maybe you’ll meet the right girl.

Tom is brilliant, cute, Catholic, (but doesn’t go to church), has a job with benefits and is an overall good catch. In fact, when I met him 3 years ago he told me that and I knew. He is a mother’s dream for her daughter and even though we had just met we were immediately in sync. We were soulmates as my daughter had revealed our trash stories to each other.

He’s been through an enormous number of women. There have been a few slugs but overall most of them are very accomplished. Tom’s #1 requirement is they have a retirement account, a good choice in selecting a woman. In fact, one of his last women was a brilliant economist and I got to meet her.

We were in the City, that being New York, not Jacksonville, and she came down from her tower office to meet us. My daughter and I were on route to our planes and Tom had stopped by to catch us before we made our next connection. The girl was cute and obviously checking out my daughter as the competition and repeatedly asked if she would see Tom that night. Right then I knew Tom was in trouble as she wanted more. Mothers know these things as we have been there.

After we bid our farewells to the girl we drove him home. The entire ride he lamented seeing her and hoped she would be gone soon. My daughter and I simply listened and this year on Valentine’s Day Tom once again spent it with my daughter. I’m confused, are you?