Extra Vegetables


In my quest to increase my vegetable consumption I have discovered vegetable meatballs. It came quite by accident as I tired of looking at the veggie burgers in my freezer. It’s not that I don’t like veggie burgers rather there was a good sale and I purchased way too many of them and needed a new creation for my palate.

I defrosted the veggie burgers threw in an egg and combined them into little balls. After tossing them into a crock pot filled with pasta sauce, {or as the Bronx Italians call it – “gravy”’}, they were sublime.  I placed this delicious fare over a bowl full of angel pasta.

Perhaps the angels work enhanced this fare? Regardless, give it a try and see what your little cherubs think of it. Maybe it will even bring them back to the faith.

Good Guidance and Haircuts


I’ve never been one to like going to the beauty parlor but since I’ve moved to St. Augustine Pammy on US1 has changed all that.  Visiting her Razor Cut Shop is truly fun and each time I enter besides getting the best hair cut I also get the best town gossip.


Pammy is one of those steel magnolias that put the bush to shame with her insights and strengths.   She has the knowledge and insight of any MD or PhD I have ever met and she knows how to give it without making you feel yucky.  This is a trait which is rare to those MD/PhD types.


The other day when I asked her about the percentage of gray hair she thought my hair held, she merely said, “75%.”  I could have been insulted but coming from Pammy I knew it was true and I didn’t even mind.  Wish her honesty and insight could extend elsewhere in our lives.   Try it today and see.