Madame Secretary

I’m back…………….

I’ve learned so much from the television show Madame Secretary – this week nuclear power and the safety of it. But the strongest lessons I learn are from Henry, Madame Secretary’s on-screen husband.

Henry’s lessons on ethics caused me to discover a passage of St. Albert the Great, patron Saint of scientists, (dec. 1280). He states, and I paraphrase, if your desires turn to objects which pass below you lose yourself in distraction and will not realize your goal or find rest in your labors. However, if you withdraw from distractions, abandon yourself to the true and unchangeable good you will grow strong and rise higher. They who rest in this peace will enjoy inward happiness.

I have been struggling over the last two years with incidents in our country. I have lost hope as others have as well. Perhaps removing the distractions will help. Whoever writes Henry’s character keep the insights coming. Thank you.