Back to Work

I went back to work as a travel nurse and I am glad.  As much as I like squirrels I got tired of watching them and more than that I got tired of hearing seniors talk to me about their health history.  I figure I might as well get paid to hear the complaints, so now I am.

It’s been challenging and often fun trying to fit in to a work force that is younger than you.  I’m finding it’s easier to get free computer advice now.  Millenials love to show you up in that area and as long as I get the info who cares?

Working  with schizophrenics, bipolars and depressed folk and  have given me purpose. And sprinkling along the experiences our beautiful country has to offer on my days off is delightful.  My New Hampshire experience held visits to  festivals, gardens and historic areas.  God couldn’t be everywhere so he created New Hampshire is my new motto for the state that holds such beauty.

I’ve moved up the coast now to Bangor, Maine and  am finding their offerings are in the musical and theater area.  I already have most of my days off booked with these venues and am looking forward to rekindling my interests.  Where will I go next??  Will keep you posted and update you as my Maine experience continues.