Cornstarch in the Sneakers

Folks in Florida are flip flop people. I can understand this as Florida is hot, especially in the summer and flip flops allow your feet to breathe and not perspire. I am a sneaker person. Being a former nurse with the signature back concerns I live for the support of sneakers. I even buy arches to put in sneakers even though they come with foam filled innersoles that contour to the bottom of your foot. Go figure. Support can be beautiful!

Living in sneakers with the heat has become a problem as an enclosed foot sweats tremendously in the Florida heat. The smelly sneakers that occurred from this sweat became a problem as the odor permeated the entire house. Washing the sneakers did little and while baby powder helped the odor remained.

In an effort to alleviate this situation I resorted to corn starch. Corn starch seems to absorb the odor better and I was elated with this. My home did not smell as foul and I thought I had found a solution to my dilemma.

After using the cornstarch I began to notice it had begun to leak out and as I walked snow rose from my feet. It was the wrong direction but it was snow. The universal miracle cure had a hit a snag as I was concerned folks would think I was using cocaine on my feet.

I am in search of another cure. If you know one, please let me know.