You’re Fired

As I sit in the airport waiting for my plane to depart two little boys 3 and 4 respectively are fighting with each other and screaming ,”You’re fired.”. As they roll on the floor their mother is oblivious and glued to her phone.

Watching this scenario I am saddened. I know where these words come from and this is miniscule compared to what else these young minds are absorbing and not understanding how to process.

Their father has arrived and things have calmed. How will the words these children hear on a daily basis affect their future health and growth? Talk to your children.

This may never be read but it’s out there and hopefully it will be.

To Wall or Not To Wall

Now that’s the question…I’m just glad he signed the dam law. While TSA aren’t my fav folks I want them to be paid. Everyone has a job to do and not paying them wasn’t fair. I asked the TSA gal at JFK if she got paid. She grimaced and said yes but they taxed the hell out of it.

Getting a Wall is going backwards. A wall brings back memories of communism, East and West Berlin, Cold War.. Do we really want to go that route in this day and age? Haven’t we moved beyond this? Haven’t we learned from our past? There has got to be a better way.

On this trip I spoke with folks who came from other countries. They relayed their stories dealing with immigration when they did it legally. They were angry with these folks running across the border to become citizens when they did it the, “right way.”

There are no easy answers here, but I am not sold on a wall.

Anyone who reads this will have their own opinion. Thanks for reading mine. It’s Kathleen and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

Bhat Currency Increase

The Thailand currency increased in value today from 31 to 35 on the US dollar. I wonder what’s happening in the US and wished I exchanged more money yesterday. It costs $7 for ATM fees and I only take dribs and drabs as I don’t want to bring money home or buy crazy last minute stuff in the airport to use up the money.

The tour guide tried to explain the currency exchange but that’s not my forte. It’s sort of like the Android phone. I have to use it but I still don’t know how.

Maybe this currency thing has something to do with our new taxes?. Trump is making $33 million more this year from the change in the tax code. He says he paid $66 million for his campaign so he’s getting his money back. He’ll recoup that in 2 years about the time they’ve disassembled this law. Convenient.

I hope your tax returns are as good as his.

This needs to be said. If you like what I said it’s Kathleen and if not it’s still Kathleen.

Land of Smiles

Thailand is known as the land of smiles. Who knew? It’s dry season with much sun and heat but what place on the planet isn’t hot? For another entry..

There are over 3000. 11-7 stores here making us Americans feel at home seeing the familiar sign. However, there is only one difference they have smiling employees. Maybe the uniform makes the difference?

Till tomorrow. Keep smiling. It makes the bastards wonder what you are up to 🙂

Should the Governor Go?

Well, if he goes it looks like all the elected officials of the state will have to go as well. I don’t need to mention names as anyone whose looked at the news the past 10 days knows of this story. When the same “leaker” was associated with all these stories one wonders, “Do they have a Russian on their staff?”

No one will ever read this, however, it needs to be said. 

Word Press

I started writing on Word Press a little over a year ago in the middle of a deep depression.  It helped.  I’m better now and decided to write again.  As I say no one reads the stuff anyway.

I’ve posted 3 things on the same day or perhaps it’s 4.  I even posted to my  fake Face Book account.  I have 75 friends again even though I privatized it.  Maybe I should include my daughter so she knows what I’m doing and doesn’t get too scared.  She’s working on a Spielberg party so I’ll wait.

We had an interesting conversation on the phone regarding the party.  I was unaware there are two shows Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.  I thought they were all one and Jennifer Lawrence did it all.  My daughter educated me.

I only did this post as I want to figure out how to post things on a  later date.   I’m leaving for Thailand on Sunday and want to write for things to be published while I’m away.  Need to keep my fan base happy.  Oh, that’s right I have none!   HA>HA>

Here goes the post hope I do it right.

No one will ever read this however it needs to be said.  I wish I could do more to get out the word.   It’s Kathleen with a few thoughts and it’s still Kathleen if you disagree…let’s have a conversation.