State of Ununion

Last night I didn’t watch the “address.”   I feel un-American in doing this but frankly I am tired of looking at this man.  He is ubiquitous and I’d like a younger, softer, more intelligent version to watch and have as the leader of the World.   Frankly, I’m scared of the lies and the way we are going.  I think most Americans are.

Instead I went to an equally uplifting talk on our  national debt.  We are 23 trillion in debt and our debt was increased in 2018 by 55%.  Since the talk was given at Flagler College I felt for the up and coming generations of college students sitting amongst us gray haired.  Frankly, I was embarassed what we are leaving to the future generations.

There are grass roots campaigns out there to do something about this situation however neither party has a plan.  It seems like other issues overshadow.  The answer would lie in our deductions and eliminating them.   The speaker said 78% of the American people say we need to increase taxes.  This was enlightening.  I am all for that and cleaning up the debt.  Are you?

No one will ever read this however it needs to be said.  I wish I could do more to get out the word.   It’s Kathleen with a few thoughts and it’s still Kathleen if you disagree…let’s have a conversation.

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