Word Press

I started writing on Word Press a little over a year ago in the middle of a deep depression.  It helped.  I’m better now and decided to write again.  As I say no one reads the stuff anyway.

I’ve posted 3 things on the same day or perhaps it’s 4.  I even posted to my  fake Face Book account.  I have 75 friends again even though I privatized it.  Maybe I should include my daughter so she knows what I’m doing and doesn’t get too scared.  She’s working on a Spielberg party so I’ll wait.

We had an interesting conversation on the phone regarding the party.  I was unaware there are two shows Hunger Games and Game of Thrones.  I thought they were all one and Jennifer Lawrence did it all.  My daughter educated me.

I only did this post as I want to figure out how to post things on a  later date.   I’m leaving for Thailand on Sunday and want to write for things to be published while I’m away.  Need to keep my fan base happy.  Oh, that’s right I have none!   HA>HA>

Here goes the post hope I do it right.

No one will ever read this however it needs to be said.  I wish I could do more to get out the word.   It’s Kathleen with a few thoughts and it’s still Kathleen if you disagree…let’s have a conversation.


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