Bhat Currency Increase

The Thailand currency increased in value today from 31 to 35 on the US dollar. I wonder what’s happening in the US and wished I exchanged more money yesterday. It costs $7 for ATM fees and I only take dribs and drabs as I don’t want to bring money home or buy crazy last minute stuff in the airport to use up the money.

The tour guide tried to explain the currency exchange but that’s not my forte. It’s sort of like the Android phone. I have to use it but I still don’t know how.

Maybe this currency thing has something to do with our new taxes?. Trump is making $33 million more this year from the change in the tax code. He says he paid $66 million for his campaign so he’s getting his money back. He’ll recoup that in 2 years about the time they’ve disassembled this law. Convenient.

I hope your tax returns are as good as his.

This needs to be said. If you like what I said it’s Kathleen and if not it’s still Kathleen.

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