Stephen Colbert on Vacation

I realized my vacation to Thailand was synchronized with Stephen Colbert’s time off. That I am grateful for as when I returned from Thailand I had fewer shows to catch up on. I hope he is enjoying himself and has shut off his news feed, though I doubt he will. I miss him. He is America’s greatest hero in my eyes. I watch him nightly and his comedy makes sense of all the lunacy in our government.

While his writers are deft they have been given so much material to work from with our Commander is Chief’s tweets. Peaches, really? It keeps me sane as I laugh to the reality, yet craziness, of T man. I sometimes wonder is our president on Stephen’s staff? “Let’s see, with this tweet how with Stephen work it into his comedy routine?”

Is this really going on in our government? And more so what of the crazed followers of this man. Frankly, it scares me – does it you?

It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen…

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