Thailand Vacation

For the next several entries I will be writing of Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Like Stephen’s break, it is mine from political commentary.

Thailand is one long journey. Coming from Florida it took over 24 hours. I was grateful the Asiana Air flight was comfortable, the movie selections easy to access, food tasty and seats afforded leg room as I am tall. This is an advertisement for the airline.. No, I’m not getting paid for this, but they truly provide superior service and should be recognized. Did I mention they even have exercise videos? I let Delta know so they’ll be working on that. šŸ™‚ Hint: Miranda Esmonde White Classical Stretch exercises would work for Americans.

There was a layover in Seoul and during this time I was able to enjoy a short classical music concert in the airport. The musicians were all women and the piano was a Steinway. Sublime. Think we could do this at LaGuardia or JFK?

While no one spoke to me on this long flight I knew they spoke English. I tried to make eye contact and smiled but this elicited no response. I lived in Fort Lee 8 years, (which is 60% Korean), so recalled that Koreans are insular and isolative and let it go. They were raised in an oppressive society so I understand.

Once on the ground everything fell in place and the trip to the hotel was easy, only a half hour. Watching out the taxi window I was amazed how cosmopolitan Bangkok is. The City is enormous and their traffic challenging.

I’ve included a picture of the airport concert for your enjoyment. Seoul is one gorgeous airport.

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