Day 3/4 Thailand

Today after meeting the group of 35 in the Bangkok Holiday Inn lobby we began our journey driving through Chinatown and ending in the flower market. I was surprised the vendors didn’t take dollars so have to hit an ATM soon. Later I realized this was the case wherever we went so visitors get your bahts before you venture to the market. I believe 30 or so is about a dollar but always check Buddha Google for the correct daily exchange.

Our final stop for Day 3 was the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. He was gold in color and 2 NYC blocks long. What a site! See picture. While my phone says to rotate the picture I guess it doesn’t understand that the Buddha is reclining and the silver lines you are looking at are his feet. He sure has great looking feet! No warts there. 🙂

For Day 4 we drove to the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha. These temples are works of art and each one has a different flair. At each temple I gave a coin or piece of food to the Buddha asking a request. It worked in China so we’ll see if the Thailand Buddhas are as generous in their response.

Later that night we attended a fascinating performance, Journey to the Enchanted Kingdom of Siam. Dancers were in authentic costume and I even got to feed an elephant some cucumbers. There was a museum of Thai homes and cultural displays of food and art work. A must see.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and off to Chang Mai via the air. Up, up and away as I continue my Thai adventure….

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