Thailand Day 5 and 6

Happy Valentine’s Day! I even got a gift from one of the gals on the trip. She must not be mad at me for talking to her husband. When you are a single gal on these trips you have to be careful. Some of the wives think you are after their husband if you chat with them. If they only knew my history… Ladies you are safe with me, I don’t want your man… and by the way it was the hotel shampoo which means she even listened to my banter about how much I liked the stuff. But, enough of this, we’re on the plane to Chiangmai!

Bangkok Airways was another delightful experience. Young, pleasant flight attendants abounded and what made it even better a gal from the trip sat next to me. I could kibbitz with someone for the 1 hour 20 minute flight as her husband snoozed. Upon arrival we toured a park which was having their annual flower fest. Orchids and sculpted animal creatures were everywhere and the cleanliness of this historic city with its walled remnants enhanced its beauty.

Later that night we went to a Thai home for a cooked meal. The gal serving it should be on the food network. She had quite a spread with a built in swimming pool, herb gardens and overall atmosphere galore. We ate in the ground level which she converted to a dining area. Most homes are on stilts as Thailand is 3 feet above sea level, (in Bangkok anyway), and with the rainy season their homes need to be above ground. Post dinner we received a tour of her home which was fascinating. She had three different areas connected by walkways. Each family member had their individual private home with a bed, bath and sitting area. What a great idea..

The following day was a visit to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens. It was beyond my every expectation. We began the visit with a much too elevated walk over the forest then explored the many greenhouses and plantings. The Thai people adore their monarchs and the Queen certainly did a lovely job on this creation. Crowns off to the Queen!

To continue our flower extravaganza we then had lunch at an orchid farm. The orchids grew from the air. As a young adult I recall seeing this at Disney World ages ago but have never seen it used. What a process and lunch was delicious to boot. Thai food certainly is tasty. Will have to find a Thai place in Florida when I return.

Later I explored the night market in Chaing Mai. Blocks of the city have vendors along the sidewalk. The beauty of it was the vendors did not bother you as you shopped. In fact you had to track them down. I particularly enjoyed this after my last trip where I was stalked by a vendor for several hours. This was disconcerting and the country/town shall remain nameless.

In the Chaing Mai food area bands played. The area was festive with lights and flowers. A fun place, but remember to have your bahts.

On to Day 7.

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