Thailand Day 9 and 10

We left for Myanmar at 7:30 am and easily drove to a border town known as Maesai . From there we paid our $45 fee and walked over a bridge to our destination.

Included in our fee was a waiting vehicle. This transportation was fun and by riding in these vehicles we were able to capture the essence of the many small areas of the town.

At the entrance to the town’s temple area we past these interesting statutes. It is my favorite shot of the trip.

Here we learned of a Myanmar beauty secret. Powder from trees is used as sun protection. While most on the tour eagerly purchased this product, I declined so guess you’ll have to visit and try it yourself. 🙂

Upon leaving Myanmar we were picked up by Thai made farmer trucks and lunched at a farming village. Riding in these vehicles was bumpy but viewing the beauty of the farm lands discounted the pain. So many pineapples!

After another tasty, different and exquisite lunch sitting on picnic tables under grass roofs we made our way to a ride on the Mekhong River and Laos. This was the commercial mecca of knock off designer bags and countless other treasures. No credit cards taken here! Whatever bhats were left were quickly swooned up by vendors. Riding back on the boat to Thailand I realized the vendor had taken items from me and put them in my shopping bag as I looked for additional monies. I don’t recall paying for those items but can’t swim across the Mekhong to make ammends. Will have to leave that for confession.

After our fast paced day 9, the long but scenic drive to Sukhothai on day 10 was welcomed. We arrived at the Skuhothai Historical Park near dusk.

This area was founded in 13 AD and survived through 14 AD. The community departed from this area due to water needs. It was unearthed in the 1980’s.

From here we drove to our hotel and after getting securely installed I decided to take a walk to find the ATM. Hotel directions were lacking and as I walked I came across a very concerned Thai woman on a motorcycle. Through hand gestures she made it known I was not in a safe area. She would not leave me until I rode with her on the motorcycle back to the hotel. Never did find the ATM but the motorcycle ride — to steal a phrase — Priceless.

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