Thailand Day 11 and 12

Day 11 was another long travel day, however, it was broken up by short stops for leg stretching. One of the interesting stops was the monkeys. Unsure if you can see the baby looking out between momma’s crotch.

A must see was the White Temple. The man who upgraded the former temple to its exquisite beauty worked in London then returned to Thailand to redesign the temple. Put it on your bucket list for this trip. There also is an amazing shopping area nearby.

The Gold Bathroom Facilities
Another temple

Besides these buildings the artist is also working on a musical waterfall area. There is a museum of his works also but that was closed as we arrived during the lunch hour.

Day 12 proved to be another fast paced but meaningful day. We began our day visiting school children. The children wear uniforms, and during their morning practice they pledge allegiance, sing their national anthem as well as do a meditation and exercise.

the National Anthem of Thailand

We also were privy to the children’s classrooms. They were similar to those in America.

And their bulletin boards were also similar.

After our visit to the school we made a trip to the Ban Pa Inn Summer Palace. This royal palace dates back to the 17th century. The pictures speak for themselves.

After leaving the Palace several of us returned to Bangkok. This was time on our own before returning to America. In Bangkok I visited the Jim Thompson House and the Bangkok Aquarium. Jim Thompson developed the silk trade between Thailand and the US. An American CIA agent during the 1940’s he developed a love for Thailand and stayed. It is an interesting Thai home and gardens. And another must see.

The aquarium was equally amazing, however, be ready for crowds. It is well worth the price and discounts can be received from your hotel concierge. My favorite pic was the spooning otters.

The Land of Smiles sure put a smile on my face. Hope you get there soon and have the same effect. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):)…………………………

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