Post Thai Diet: The Mediterranean Way….

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I stepped on the scale today after enjoying my amazing Thai food adventures. EECK!!! I am up several pounds and my knees are calling to me, “Kathleen, it is time to get these # off….” I have succumbed and am working successfully on this as I continue my adherence to the Mediterranean diet.

This lovely blend of fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, olive oil and red wine have been my main stay of keeping me erect and mobile for several years now. That along with daily Classical Stretch exercises are my secret.

An acquaintance recently said you don’t like fat people, and in some ways she has a point. However, it is more that when I see these enormous folk my heart cries. I know their pain and what upsets me even more is the obese children they are raising. As a fat child growing up in a thin culture in the 60’s I was ridiculed daily and that mental debasing is still with me. However, now that I am an average weight the obese folks hate me or rather are jealous of me. Go figure, I guess I’ll never win.

It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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