Hillary’s Not Running..

And I can see why. It takes much courage to run and I applaud all those who do. I recall two incidents on US 1 in Florida at a traffic light mid day as I write this entry. They need to be told and occurred due to a bumper sticker where I supported my candidate.

In the first incident a man in a truck pulled beside me and began to scream at me that Hillary was a c–t, bitch and how she should be locked up. His rants continued the entire time I was stopped at the light. I rolled up the window and prayed he would not leave his vehicle and injure me but I left the sticker on my bumper.

A week later the same thing happened only this time it was 4 young adult men riding free style in the back of a pick up truck verbally attacking me and my candidate. At one point spit was done but missed my vehicle as the same sentiments were expressed.

People I’ve relayed this to have said why didn’t you take a picture of the license plates? Well, quite frankly I froze. I was terrified. Several things run through my mind as I ponder this – why was I attacked? Was it because Hillary was running as a woman? Was it over the email server dispute? Ivanka has done the same if not worse and her husband regularly communicates with the Prince of Saudi Arabia on the What’s Up Ap. That’s not secure. And we’ll never know what Donald Trump actually spoke to or continues to talk to Putin about.

All I wonder is, where would our country be now if Hillary was elected president? Would we be working on immigration reform, fixing our infrastructure, tax reform to pay for our overwhelming debt or climate change legislation? We may never know but all we have is a country stuck in conversations where we are not moving forward.

Has Trump made our country any better? I think not, he’s only made us more divided as his rants encourage this divide and hate of each other. It’s time we come together as a nation, embrace and encourage positive change and say no to the hate.

It’s Kathleen, and if you don’t like what I say it’s still Kathleen.

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