Japan Day 4.5: Another Kindness

I woke several times throughout the night with breathing problems. Since I am in a foreign country it is a challenge to get medical help. Grateful for my 43 years as a nurse I decided to venture out at 6 am and obtain over the counters to get me through the trip.

Little was open at this time. In 7/11 a tired clerk who spoke little English said no cough medicine or drops. The Japanese take English from junior high through high school. Because their teachers don’t speak they learn written English, however, this is changing our tour guide told us. From here I ventured to a grocery/all purpose store. It was there after asking 5 shoppers if they spoke English I found my angel.

This angel was fluent in English and told me there was a 24 hour medical clinic next door. I left for this destination and found it closed. I decided to return to the hotel and as I did my angel came running down the street after me. She had decided to check after giving me this information and saw the clinic was closed.

She took me back to the grocery/all purpose store and reviewed the cough drop selection telling me what she felt was most effective. After many thanks I was on my way back to the hotel.

As I said prayers for my angel I thought who does this stuff? Actually me, but a kindness repaid will encourage another kindness.

Thank you my angel. Things happen in “3’s.” Looking forward to my next kindness.

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