Japan: Day 5

Today was another busy day visiting the shrines at Kamakura and the city of Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city. The Japanese follow two religions, Shintoism and Buddism. Worshipping and asking for favors of the god’s or Buddah at these temples involve cleansing of the hands and mouth. The next step is to appear before the god/Buddah, bow or clap hands to gain the god’s attention, then make your request. A donation is also given. Observing and participating in this practice was fun, with no disrespect intended.

It was here I discovered a premature cherry blossom opening. What beauty!

Cherry blossom tree

And they even had an Amish restaurant in town. Wish the owner sold their baked goods but when I asked I was met with a quizzical look…

Amish restaurant

Another stop in Kamakura was at The Great Buddah. This bronze fella weighed in at 121 tons and he’s hollow. Here’s a picture of him front, back and inside. This is the land of the Samurai..

Yokohama revealed a modern, well maintained city on the waterfront. We stopped at a historic hotel where the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Babe Ruth stayed and enjoyed the waterfront park near the hotel.

After our City tour we visited a mall. Malls in both Japan and Thailand are quite different from American malls. The floors are open and stores blend from one to the other with a curtain or thin barrier between each store. I know it sounds weird but it’s beautifully done as is everything in Japan.

Here is a pic of an enormous ferris wheel from the top of the mall. The Japanese love these.

As I viewed my pics from today I wanted to share this quote from The Great Buddah Park in Kamakura. Hope you enjoy it.

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