Japan: Day 7

Our next venture was to Kyoto. This city known as Japan’s cultural center is also a mecca for manufacturing.

Nijo Castle is the 17th century residence of the Tokugawa shogun family and was our first stop. This UNESCO protected site, the 17th century Nijo Castle was surrounded by walls and elaborate gates. Those who visited would wait for many hours in waiting rooms before their meeting with the shogun. Elaborate murals of lions and the like adorned these waiting room walls attesting to the shogun’s strength. The murals were done in an effort to elicit fear in the visitor.

Gate at Nijo Palace

From here we visited the Golden Pavilion. A gorgeous site with the grounds built for relaxation. Lovely Japanese gardens abound and in particular cherry blossoms.

Golden Pavilion

Cherry blossoms typically peak in April, however, if you can’ t make it to Japan, Newark, New Jersey and Washington DC could fulfill your dreams. There’s always a way…my lifetime motto. 🙂

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