Japan: Day 8

Venturing to the Arashiyama District our group took in the area gardens and Sagano Bamboo Forest. Many Japanese and tourists rent kimonos as they tour these historic spots, however, there are only 200 actual Geishas remaining. It is a dying industry and their artistry costs in the neighborhood of $500 for a 2 hour period.

The Bamboo Forest is a man made creation and impressive. It has an eerie quality, and the potential for a Stephen King book??.….

The most peaceful place on this trip was the Fushimi Inari-Tasisha Shrine. This shrine has a walking path through a tunnel of toril gates. Each of these gates were sponsored by a Japanese business. Walking through the gates was a profound yet crowded experience. I took one of the paths off the gates and there found the sound of birds singing. I am told at 7 am prior to crowds the parks allure is even greater due to the solitude.

The round trip journey takes 2 to 3 hours for completion. If you have the time, do it, as your soul will thank you.

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