Japan: Day 9

Today was our last official day of the tour. We started with Kuromon Market, a noted Japanese fish market. Popular with the locals and well-known around Japan it was interesting to watch as vendors cooked the various fish.

Cooking Oyster

I sneaked away from the tour finding several furniture stores. The cabinetry, couches, tables and appliances were a third less in size from what I am used to. One of the refrigerators was totally plexiglass and the washing machines also small with dryers not used in Japan.

After the fish market we went to the Umeda Sky Building.

This structure is actually two skyscrapers with a mid air connection known as the floating garden. There is no actual garden but an open air roof with 360 degree views of the city of Kyoto. The building is considered one of the top structures in the world.

An interesting spot along the view is a where lovers, “lock their hearts,” a similar practice as done on European bridges.

There are walled gardens at ground level.

After seeing such an architectural feat the rest of the day paled, however we soldiered on to Nara Park. While the Park held a beautiful temple the main attraction was the deer who come daily from the mountain for food from tourists.

Look innocent but they aren’t

Our final stop was Kyoto Castle, a museum of Japanese history. Here the crowds proved too much for me and I left to stroll the grounds. To my delight I came across an authentic Japanese wedding.

Japanese wedding

The traditional head gear the bride wears is done to veil the horns of jealousy, ego and selfishness.. Gosh, what about the groom??

Think I will end on that note. Japan is a fascinating culture and vastly different from anything I have seen. It was a pleasure to visit and meet such charming folk who go out of their way to help.

In my daily blogs I have missed some things I wish to discuss so will add another piece or two of Japanese things to know.


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