April Fool’s Day

Today is April Fool’s Day and quite frankly the joke is on me. While the Yamanashi Wine made from the waters of Mount Fuji arrived home safely I did not. After my hack persisted I visited my doctor’s office and saw one of the many APRNs. These are Advanced Placement Registered Nurses and studies show they listen and give better care than a regular doc does.

Breathing treatments, cortisone, nasal spray, and Zyrtec aside I requested and received an order for a chest xray. Then the next day at 8 am a call came confirming pneumonia and another round of meds ordered.

Grateful to be home when receiving this news I am doubly grateful to have Stephen Colbert re-runs to catch up on. Laughter is always the best form of medicine and despite the consequences, I will always think fondly of my 9 hour lay over in the moon gate area of Beijing Airport Terminal 3.

So, what are the origins of this Day? April Fools Day has been around for centuries with origins unknown. It is thought to have begun in France when a switch from the Julian to Gregorian calendar occurred. This day of pranks and jokes is celebrated worldwide. Gee, something we globally agree on. Maybe we need to start there.

Stephen awaits…

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