New Cars and Old Dogs

Photo by Tookapic on

I recently purchased a new car and quite frankly I don’t know how to use it. These problems started with my first tank of gas. I couldn’t figure out how to open the fuel door.

After walking around the car and checking the trunk and vehicle doors I asked the man in the next bay for assistance. Together we opened the driver’s door and the floor mat had covered the latch to open the fuel door. Grateful for someone to have patience with me I thanked him and bid him adieu. I’m sure I gave him a chuckle and a story for the “boys.”

Today I had the courage to read the email from the company about the vehicle’s advantages. In the email it recommended that you install Android Auto. I tried to copy the address for installation instructions from the email and was challenged. After going back and forth 10 times to obtain the address I got the correct you tube site. The video person spoke too fast for me to comprehend was using words like lollipop and blue tooth. Why was she talking of candy and dental treatments?

I then called the national customer service people and the gal on the other end who also spoke too fast asked if she could help. As politely as I could I asked her to slow down and her name. In asking about the AP she gave responses which displeased me but were truthful. Installation was more involved than I could handle.

Technology is moving so fast it’s terrifying when you are an old dog.

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