Cortisone and Taxes

So what do you do when you are sick but the tax deadline is looming and the cortisone is driving you crazy? Well, you do your taxes regardless.

Ralph from the Bronx has been doing my taxes for over 10 years now. He is one man I will never give up. I pray for his health and now even have my daughter going to him. It’s become a family affair where I nag her annually, “Have you sent your stuff to Ralph?” I know she appreciates this even though I hear the groans.

Each year I write Ralph a friendly letter inquiring of his family and health. I really do care and want to make sure he stays around a long time. I then compose a detailed letter based on my Excel spread sheet figures, 1099’s and other gobbledygook that goes with the scene. Somehow Ralph makes sense of it all and I sign on the dotted line after a review.

This year was a cosmic event as I rolled over my 401k to a Roth. Gosh, I wish I had discovered Suze Orman earlier as this year I am paying more in taxes than the Donald has ever paid in a lifetime. However, I am a good citizen and I prepped for this. I gave the IRS their third and moved on. As Donna Summer sang, “I will survive,” and that I will as who wants to mess with the likes of RMDs at 70 1/2 years of age even if you have a Ralph.

Today was taxes, tomorrow the novel. Gosh, maybe this cortisone stuff isn’t as bad as I think.

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