Weird Neighbors

It’s March 27th but I’m writing this for April 8th as I’ve written blogs up to that date. I leave for Jordan soon and will write of that adventure beginning on the 15th. It certainly will be fascinating.

Today is a gloomy day in Florida and I welcome it. All that sun gets boring so it’s time for a break. As I lay on my couch staring out my sliders this morning a neighbor walking his dog stopped and stood about 10 feet from my sliders and starred into my condo. He has done this twice before and as a single woman I don’t like it. I got up immediately and closed my blinds. I could see through the blinds he continued to gawk.

Why do I write this? I guess I watch too many Forensic Files, 48 Hours and the like, but you never know. While I am not paranoid I think this weird.

Maybe the sun will shine again tomorrow. I have one last day on my Disney pass and the flower show is on. Good to get out of town.

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